A dip into the Middle Ages: the Byzantine New Year of the Amalfi Coast

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Again this year, the Amalfi Coast will be the stage for an extraordinary historical event that recalls the political greatness of its Maritime Republic. On August 31st and September 1st Amalfi and Atrani will celebrate the long-awaited Byzantine New Year, or the beginning of the fiscal and legal year at the time of the Byzantine Empire.

For two days, the Amalfi Coast will dip into the past to acquire a Medieval look: pages, ladies and knights will populate the streets of Amalfi and Atrani in a two-day festival. The festivities and the celebrations will involve citizens, visitors and tourists.

It is a journey that brings the political power of the ancient Maritime Republic back to life and confirms the cultural and tourist role of the contemporary Amalfi.


The spectacular parades in period costumes and the majestic commemorative celebrations will take place during this 18th edition too. You will have the chance to participate to interesting guided tours, round tables and concerts and, for the youngest, there will be original creative labs.

August 31st will be the opening day and a conference about the Amalfitan Middle Ages will be held at the Arsenale della Repubblica, while in Atrani the Magister of Civiltà Amalfitana will be interviewed.

While on September 1st the commemorative Historical Parade will take place: over 100 people in period costume will recall the swearing-in ceremony of the Magister of Civiltà Amalfitana, a medieval ritual borrowing from the coronation of the Dukes of Amalfi.

The title of Magister is conferred to an Amalfitan personality (originally from or adopted by the city) who has distinguished himself for particular merits. His name will be unveiled just before the event.

The Byzantine New Year is a unique event of its kind and gives you the chance to discover the history of the Amalfi’s past and its future plans. Book your trip directly from our website, #goboating and immerse yourself in the past of Amalfi through its Byzantine New Year!

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