Let’s start #goboating in March!

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

From Salerno to Positano with Travelmar, starting on March 25th

The hints of Spring and the sunshine of these past few days are bringing a big change to your local nautical transportation: this year, our departures will start even earlier! On March 25th we’ll #goboating again!

We will start with our connections from Salerno to the most beautiful corners of the Amalfi Coast, going all the way up to Positano. Amalfi will be connected from the outset as well. Connections to reach Cetara, Minori and Maiori will begin starting on April 1st. While we’re talking about Travelmar destinations: soon we’ll be announcing a nice surprise for you… but we won’t reveal it in advance!

In a few days, you’ll be able to easily reach the Amalfi Coast as you #goboating on our ferries, weekends included. Choose one of our destinations and forget those long queues in a car, endless waits due to traffic jams, or a shortage of parking.


If you #goboating you can happily enjoy the beauty of the Amalfi Coast while breathing freely under the blue of the sky and the sea, among views, colours and coves that make this landscape stunningly unique with each season.

Choosing to #goboating isn’t just a sustainable travel alternative, but an exclusive, all-encompassing experience, full of new discoveries just waiting for you.

We have received your many messages: thank you for waiting for us! Our staff is ready to welcome and support all those travelers that choose us, both on land and on board.

We’ll start sailing again very soon, and will honour the expectations of our passengers and the tourist authorities operating throughout the territory. And, of course, we will maintain the high standards of our transportation service as we #goboating. Our destinations will be available all day long; ensuring your comfort, pleasure and a great experience will always be our guiding principles.

We always aim to provide a 5-star service both to our regular travelers and all new passengers who choose us for the first time. We also offer a unique opportunity to #goboating among the beauties of the marvelous Amalfi Coast.

We are ready to set sail. See you on board!

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