Moda Positano: yesterday, today, and always a classic summer look

Wednesday, 7 August 2019 

Once upon a time, the local tradition of Positano used to pride itself for its hemp and cotton patches that were home-dyed with bright colours. They were the so-called “pezze”, giving Positano a colourful touch that makes it so unique even today. It seems like a very distant time, and yet, the Moda Positano started then.

The “Moda Positano” boom occurred in the late ‘50s, in the second postwar period. The Amalfi Coast was the fashionable destination for everyone from intellectuals to celebrities to the jet set. They turned the Amalfi Coast into the symbol of “la dolce vita”.

The elite tourists who once visited Positano during the wintertime changed their habits and began to gravitate towards the spring and summer months. The beach no longer belonged only to the fishermen, but it became an authentic social space.

That was the moment when local seamstresses created a brand new fashion trend by using the traditional fabric pezze (patches), converting them into a style recognized and appreciated worldwide. They started by tailoring loose, low-necked dresses, refined lacy and striped skirts, shirts transformed into beach robes and, above all, the first bikinis. Often, they were made from crochet, very colourful and embellished with appliqués.

This has been Positano’s greatest virtue: it has not imported or undergone the fashion trends, but has created its own, thanks to the local tailor’s shops. These artisans have refined a style loyal to their great past tradition; a style that has been become renowned worldwide over the years.

Positano has become a sort of DOP brand, as the people who go shopping there do not buy just any clothes: they make a precise choice by purchasing a highly original and joyful piece made in Positano.

Over the years, the Moda Positano has become so iconic that local shops have expanded their collections by adding trousers, Bermuda shorts and, of course, Positano-style men’s swimwear.

What more is there to say, there’s something to suit everybody’s fancy… and colour!

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