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Vietri ceramic: Art that gathers all the colours of the Amalfi Coast

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

It’s true! All the colours of the marvelous Amalfi Coast are captured in the glazes and patterns of Vietri ceramic! The blue of the sky, the aquamarine of the water and the yellow of the iconic l...


Vietri sul Mare: a new access route on the Amalfi Coast

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Among our Travelmar destinations, we will soon include the enchanting Vietri sul Mare, a little village at the edge of the Amalfi Coast.



Sant'Andrea and the Amalfi's must-see fireworks

Friday, 21 June 2019

The summer season doesn’t officially get started until the coastal fireworks take place. Every year, during the religious festivals which liven up the Amalfi Coast, the celebrato...


Salerno’s most-loved legends: i due Fratelli

Thursday, 30 May 2019

By sailing off from Salerno to any destination along the Coast, you will encounter the panorama across from Vietri sul Mare at the gates of the Amalfi Coast. Can you see the two big rocks? They are...


‘O sfusatello: the quintessential lemon of the Amalfi Coast

Friday, 17 May 2019

On the Amalfi Coast, there’s a little corner of heaven connecting Maiori to Minori which could not be more unique in the world. It’s a scented path used in ancient times as a g...