Sant'Andrea and the Amalfi's must-see fireworks

Friday, 21 June 2019

The summer season doesn’t officially get started until the coastal fireworks take place. Every year, during the religious festivals which liven up the Amalfi Coast, the celebratory pyrotechnics are beyond exceptional.

Amalfi starts the dance: on June 27th they celebrate Patron Sant’ Andrea, or Saint Andrew, and the entire city sets off towards the procession bearing the Saint’s statue, and admiring the breathtaking rows of hundreds of processioners descending the stairway of the Cathedral.

There’s a legend telling the story of Saint Andrew and how he rescued the city of Amalfi from the attack of the Pirate Barbarossa on the 27th of June 1544. Since that date, every 27th of June people celebrate the big patronal festival of Saint Andrew!


The statue of the Saint, commonly called o’viecchio (the old man) by the people from Amalfi, is carried around the streets by the bearers wearing white clothes for the occasion. Once they arrive at the beach, it is the sailors’ turn to carry the statue of the Saint: they start running towards Amalfi Cathedral and, with the statue on their shoulders, they climb the majestic stairway at a run.

The fireworks are the framing of this wonderful day, so important for the people of Amalfi. The fireworks enchant whoever stops to admire them.

The luckiest people will be able to watch the fireworks on their own boats, overlooking the Bay of Amalfi. For those who watch the fireworks on land, the port area or the seafront offer excellent views as well. You could also consider watching the fireworks from the terraces of the restaurants of the area, while enjoying a delicious dinner.

This show is really worth seeing and, for this reason, there will be additional routes from and to Amalfi.

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