The city of Salerno lights up for Christmas time

Tuesday, 19 November 2019 

Just a few days ago, the 14th edition of ‘Luci D’Artista’ opened and thanks to the impressive light artworks, it will be already possible to smell Christmas in the air throughout streets and squares!

Waiting to find out how the Christmas Tree - located in Piazza Portanova - will be this year and which other Christmas decorations will fill the city in every corner, visitors will be delighted with the lights show that from the main to the narrow streets continues to the heart of the city and its public garden.

There’ll be lots of news compared to the previous editions, such as the great shining chandeliers installed in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, which guide tourists and not in a stroll among shops. On the contrary, in Piazza Sant’Agostino, the lights pay tribute to the peculiarities of our land with customized illuminations in Amalfi Coast style.


In Piazza Flavio Gioia, otherwise known as ‘La Rotonda’, last year appeared the huge and majestic Temple of Neptune, this year we will find a marvellous tree, which embraces the whole square. In addition, ‘the Zoo’, placed in the public garden, the flowers in Principati Street and decorations inside Minerva’s Gardens!

The tradition of the illuminations, was born in 2006, on the tail of the successful exhibitions in Turin becoming one of the main characteristics of the winter atmosphere of the town. More precisely, Turin is the city with which Salerno, in twinning, carries this annual Christmas event on. In fact, commonly, these two cities keep on switching their most beautiful artworks in order to make them more accessible to everyone.

Over the past editions, a wide variety of artworks made by a multitude of artists - local artists and from all over Italy and even from abroad - have been following one another. The local tradition, born silently in the small town of Salerno, has turned into such an unforeseen success for the event, that in its last edition counted about 700 thousand visitors!

This year is going to be a magical Christmas as well, with the show of the lights… and much more! Concerts, shows, shopping, guided tours, handmade gifts, delicious local food and excellent wines will make the event of ‘Luci d'Artista’, an experience that will accompany people towards the tradition of the city of Salerno. 

Let Christmas lights amaze you!

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