The remarkable terraces of the Costa d’Amalfi DOC

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Amalfi Coast’s characteristic terraces are home to many rows of excellent grapevines in the Campania region.

The ingenious terracing system was built with the effort and perseverance of many local farmers. They carried the soil by hand in order to create a suitable environment for farming amidst a mostly rocky landscape.

The clusters of grapes are also picked by hand during the harvest to produce the nectar of the Coast’s characteristic white and red wines. Due to the potentially treacherous terrain, each farmer must carefully calculate his or her movements and watch every step while carrying each crate full of grapes to avoid a fall into the sea!


The Amalfi Coast’s vineyards are unique as they are planted “along the wall” in order to take advantage of the available growing space. They have triumphed in the DOC label, and “Costa D’Amalfi” indicates the three subzones: Furore, Tramonti and Ravello. The names of the varieties cultivated here evoke the ancient, sunny and joyous landscape itself; they are products of excellent and remarkable quality such as the famous Piedirosso, Falanghina, Biancolella, Fenile, Ginestra, Ripoli, Aglianico, etc… There is no shortage of prestigious local wine cellars such as Marisa Cuomo, Reale, Sammarco (just to name a few) exporting their wine bottles, and representing the wonderful Amalfi Coast worldwide.

Every year we offer our unparalleled professionalism and service to our guests traveling towards the Divina, enabling them to #goboating along the Amalfi Coast. We love this land, its landscape and its gastronomy. It’s our mission to support and promote tourism of the Amalfi Coast around the world.

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of October 2018 we’ll be at the TTG in Rimini. You’ll find us at the stand “Tipicità della Costa d’Amalfi” with the City of Salerno, Cantine Marisa Cuomo, Hotel Margherita and Aceto Lemon Tour. Until then, we hope you’ll continue to #goboating and enjoying the Coast with us!  For info about our timetables, please check our website.


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