The Two Must-See Events of the Amalfi Summer

Friday, 23 August 2019 

August will close with a flourish this year with two annual events taking place on the Amalfi Coast, capping off our beautiful summer season. Prepare yourself to enjoy four days of music, art, delicious local food, and an enchanting atmosphere! 

The first must-see event will take place in Minori from August 29th to 31st!

The small city is the perfect setting for a spectacular culinary and cultural event that has taken place each summer for the past two years: GustaMinori.

It’s an event mixing art, culture, performances and the showcasing of local products, with a focus on tradition and timeless flavors. GustaMinori aims to promote and help you rediscover the extraordinary “culinary sites” of the territory of Minori and of the entire Coast.

Between August 31st and September 1st you should not miss one of the most beautiful historical commemorations of our area.

The Byzantine New Year is a cultural-historical event involving Amalfi and Atrani and undoubtedly represents the most iconic summer celebration in these two cities.

It is focused on the commemoration of the beginning of the fiscal and legal year in the territory of the former Eastern Empire and the so-called  “autonomie periferiche” (provinces), such as Amalfi.

The date for this new year falls on September 1st. On that day, the comites, which were the Chief of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi during its ducal period, used to take office. The event primarily takes place in the Church of San Salvatore de Birecto in Atrani, a Palatine chapel where the Dukes of Amalfi were once crowned.

We have added two special routes from August 29th to September 1st, so you won’t miss these two incredible events!

Salerno - Minori - Amalfi at 08:00 pm
Amalfi - Minori - Salerno at 12:15 am
Minori - Salerno at 12:30 am

Book your tickets and #goboating to Minori and Amalfi with us. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the events!

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See you on board!

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