Discovering the Amalfi Coast

Our Amalfi Coast tour, departing from Pompei and Salerno, will bring you to discover one of the most famous coasts in the world. The Amalfi Coast became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1997 for the uniqueness of its landscapes, the purity of its water, the history you can breathe at every corner, the art, and the architecture dating back to ancient times.
The Divine Coast, as it is nicknamed, holds indeed real wonders in the 13 municipalities from which it is composed. Beautiful locations famous both from a naturalistic point of view but also renowned for other richnesses that have no equal in the world: ancient villas dating back to the Roman period, historical buildings, and skylines from which rise coastal towers built in the '500 as outposts against Saracen attacks. Also, churches and cathedrals with beautiful majolica domes and imposing bell towers, whose purpose was to warn the inhabitants during attacks or other calamities.
During our Amalfi Coast tour, we will focus on the visit of the two most famous cities: Amalfi and Positano

Reach the Path of the Lemons

Tour description

Available with departure from Pompeii and from Salerno


The meeting point for the participants of this beautiful tour of the Amalfi Coast, departing from Pompei, is Falcone and Borsellino square. In there, our assistant will check and collect the vouchers and will distribute the headphones, at your disposal for the duration of the excursion.
You will then head to Salerno with a comfortable bus, to reach the next meeting point at Piazza della Concordia, the starting point for those who booked the tour with departure from Salerno.

After meeting the tour guide that will accompany us through the day, we will embark on a fast ferry by Travelmar.

First stop: Amalfi 


The departure is at 9.40, heading to Amalfi, the first stop of the Amalfi Coast tour

Amalfi, - the capital of Amalfi Coast to which it also gives its name - is a city that will amaze you with its artistic and architectural beauties, with a glorious past as a Maritime Republic.

You will then dedicate yourselves to the exploration of its historic center, a maze of streets and staircases with multiple intertwinings that can be accessed from the Supportico Rua, a tunnel completely covered by buildings above, dating from the 13th century, which was formerly part of an "Arab bath".

There will be then some free time when you can dedicate yourself to some shopping -  from the renowned ceramics to the many preparations of Limone Sfusato Amalfitano, such as the Limoncello -  without forgetting to carve out a space for the visit of the monumental complex of the Cathedral of Amalfi: the Duomo. This church is dedicated to the patron saint of the city, Sant'Andrea. You can visit the cathedral itself and also its fantastic Chiostro del Paradiso (Cloister of Paradise) dating back to the Middle Ages and built to be used as a cemetery of the Amalfi nobility, the Crypt, where the remains of the Saint rest, and the sublime majolica Bell Tower, considered one of the most beautiful ones in Italy (the entrance not included in the tour). 

If you want to, you can also stop to have lunch in one of the many little restaurants Amalfi offers. 

Second stop: Positano


At 14.00 we will embark to Positano, the most glamorous city of the Amalfi Coast. Positano, once a simple fishing village, is now famous worldwide for its characteristic vertical shape, where the colorful houses, perched on each other, give life to a living nativity scene that is immortalized in thousands of photographs every year.

This town is called "The pearl of the Coast" for its beauty and its typicality, and since the 60s, a period in which personalities such as Jackie Kennedy became frequent visitors, it has become the summer destination of the international jet-set: celebrities, politicians, and tycoons, come here often to throw the anchor of their super-yachts and enjoy the view.

In Positano, you will visit the historic center with the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in the 10th century, and its majolica dome. You will lose track of time among its thousand staircases and narrow streets, populated by many shops of souvenirs but also artisan shops that display colorful ceramic artifacts, leather sandals decorated in a thousand different shapes, and fresh linen dresses of the Moda Mare Positano, the iconic world-famous style.

Don’t miss the chance to pay a visit to the beach, get an ice cream or an aperitif in one of the many bars overlooking Spiaggia Grande (litt. the big beach) or, for the most curious, a chance to visit Mar Positano, the ancient Roman Villa dating back to the 1° century A.D, destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and brought back to life by years of excavations and restorations (the entrance not included in the tour). 

Return to Salerno and Pompeii


At 17.00 we will board for the return to Salerno on a fast ferry by Travelmar.
Once at the pier, the assistant will wait for the participants who started the tour from Pompeii for their return to the city.

Come and discover the Amalfi Coast with Travelmar!