Ferragosto on the Amalfi Coast

August 15 is a very special day for locals: just know that they usually begin the celebrations in the morning! Among many, there is also the tradition of collecting pierced stones on the beach because they say they have a thaumaturgical effect. 
Celebrations go on all day long, with many events on the streets of the Coast, but the clou of the day is undoubtedly the firework shows that brightens the Positano and Maiori nights with their many colors.
With such amazing panoramas in the background, the fireworks display  will be the show you will remember as one of the best times of your holiday on the Amalfi Coast. 
Do not miss this amazing opportunity and book your Ferragosto Fireworks tour with Travelmar

Positano and Maiori Fireworks tour from the sea: a breathtaking show

Book our tour to avoid the stress of looking for a parking spot and being in a too crowded place. 

Our special tour departing from Salerno, Minori, and Amalfi includes the trip to Maiori and Positano, the view of the shows from the ferry, and the return to the departing port. 

The Travelmar tour of the "Fuochi di Ferragosto" will take place with the following program:

  • Departure from Salerno: 9.30 pm
  • Departure from Minori: 10.00 pm
  • Departure from Amalfi: 10:15 pm
  • Slow navigation along the coast
  • Stop at anchor in Maiori to attend the Maiori fireworks show at 11.00 pm
  • Navigation to Positano
  • Stop at anchor in Positano to watch the midnight fireworks show
  • Return to the port of departure

Prices are:

From Salerno Concordia: €30,00
From Amalfi: €25,00
From Minori: €25,00 
Children discount: € 5 reduction

Select as itinerary on the booking “Fuochi di Ferragosto”, book your tour and enjoy the best show of summer 2023!  


Enjoy the Ferragosto Fireworks event with Travelmar!

Pic by Fabio Fusco