Summer Vibes: the fireworks on the Amalfi Coast

Saturday, 4 August 2018

August is the month of holidays par excellence and Ferragosto (August 15th) is the festivity celebrating the summertime. It’s a pagan festival established by Octavian Augustus to celebrate the end of the hard work in the fields.

The name Ferragosto derives from the Latin "feriae Augusti", meaning "the rest of Augustus", in honor of the Roman emperor. Initially, it used to be celebrated on August 1st with horse races and floral decorations and the celebrations used to last for many days, up to August 15th. Over time, the festivity acquired Catholic features and the date was postponed to August 15, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.


Ferragosto became a typically Italian tradition during the Fascist period, when the regime began organising popular trips at discounted prices. By doing this, even the less wealthy social classes had the chance to visit the Italian cities and to reach the seaside or the mountains.

This festivity has been celebrated for several years with bonfires on the beach the night before the 15th: a group of friends, the sound of a guitar, some food and some beer. For the boldest people there’s the long-waited “midnight bath”, a both carefree and intense moment. Because the sea, at night, acquires a different charm. Ferragosto is also dedicated to the water: the war of the water balloons is a must for adults and kids who have fun throwing balloons and buckets full of water to each others. While the night is the moment dedicated to the fireworks in honour to Our Lady of the Assumption.

The most characteristic and evocative celebrations you can experience on the Coast occur in Maiori and Positano, where people celebrate the Madonna a Mare with religious processions, typical popular dances and the local food.

The Amalfi Coast lights up on August 15th, becoming even more charming with its beautiful fireworks that keep alive a typically Italian tradition. If you do not want to miss it, check timetables and routes on our website to reach Positano while #goboating with Travelmar.

Enjoy your holidays!

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