The Amalfitan Coast and the Lemons: a more-than perfect union.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Many voices have described the SS 163 Amalfitana as one of the most beautiful and scenic roads in the world, due to its sinuous curves along the cliffs and its iconic terracing where local produce is cultivated. In the summertime, this road is extremely crowded by the tourists who aren’t aware that they can #goboating with us on the Amalfi Coast: Travelmar offers different routes and frequency every day.

Before the creation of the SS 163, all the little villages along the Amalfi Coast were connected by mountain trails and mule tracks. Il Sentiero dei Limoni (The Path of the Lemons) is one of the most evocative trails: it connects Maiori with nearby Minori, passing through the picturesque village of Torre.


The name clearly refers to the lush lemon terraces across the landscape and reminds us of the iconic fruit cultivated on the Amalfi Coast: the precious PGI “Amalfi Coast” lemon. The Path of the Lemons leads you through the heart of the local flora and immerses you in classical Mediterranean vegetation with its olive trees, vines and carob trees.

It doesn’t take great physical effort to walk the path, but you’ll have to climb many steps (about 400 in both directions). The path is about 9 km long and is mainly paved. The landscape gets more and more extraordinary as you walk up the long staircase that takes you to the Convent of Saint Nicholas. From there, you can reach Ravello and lean out over the sea from the impressive balcony in Villa Rufolo.

If you haven’t had the chance to wander along the Path of the Lemons yet, we suggest that you do so in summertime: it is likely you’ll meet local farmers carrying some heavy crates full of lemons on their backs or by mule. These so-called sporte weigh about 60kgs. It’s a real blast from the past!

Our summer routes connect Maiori and Minori to the main coastal cities. You can check timetable, fees and travel time on our website and buy your direct online directly.

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